SYFIR Backtesting is a comprehensive backtesting and reporting system that allows portfolio managers and analysts to perform and report on custom backtests. SYFIR Backtesting empowers firms to fully utilize their vast stockpiles of costly fundamental data. SYFIR Backtesting has been built to allow users to perform extremely complex customized backtests through an easy to understand and coherent user interface. Using SYFIR Backtesting our clients have the ability to fully leverage their data resources and add their own individual insights to each backtest through the use of Dynamic Universe Selection, Dynamic Multiple Factor Selection, and Dynamic Screening Criteria.

Backtesting Data Flow

To add even greater flexibility SYFIR Backtesting has been outfitted with functionality that allows users to break their overall backtests down into individual universe selection, factor selection and weighting models for use in multi-sector portfolio backtests. In addition to the flexibly of backtest design, SYFIR Backtesting provides reporting of results through an unlimited number of custom reports specifically built to client specifications.

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