Maverick Investment Technologies, MITL, is a small employee-owned investment software company aimed at developing state of the art peripheral record keeping systems for use in the back-office.  Our firm was founded in 1998 with a unique blend of individuals, each possessing an expertise in a different facet of the investment or software industries.  Our core staff includes a former Product Manager for a major record-keeping software company, experienced QA and client services personnel versed in every aspect of the investment industry, a highly sought after database designer, and a former trader and money manager.  We then complemented our core staff by adding handpicked college graduates that possess skills using the latest telecommunication and programming technology.  This comprehensive blend of talent ensures that not only will we produce top quality state of the art products, we will also be able to support our clients and communicate with them on their terms.  In the past, the members of our staff have led projects or offered on-site support with such clients as Principal Financial Group, Globeflex Capital, Citibank, John Hancock, Transamerica, Merrill-Lynch, Bankers Trust and Nicholas-Applegate. As you can see, one of our staff's strengths is our combined fifty plus years of experience interacting with and supporting the investment industry.  In addition to our staff, MITL also has enlisted a panel of money managers and back-office personnel that are assembled to offer opinions and critiques on our products during their development.  This panel helps ensure that not only are our products state of the art but they are also easily adaptable to the widely varying needs of the investment industry.

    We have recently completed the second version of our Portfolio Modelling and Backtesting Systems. The system allows clients to perform single-factor and multi factor back-tests using their own data. The client is then able to examine the universe performance and universe characteristics as they evolved through the life of the backtest. The system also provides what-if functionality allowing clients to simulate portfolio holdings and performance through time using their own portfolio investment strategy on the back-tested universe. Our Portfolio Modelling System is currently being used to manage 19 billion dollars worldwide.

      Given our basic understanding of Back-Testing and Performance Measurement fundamentals, MITL is a great choice for building ground-up systems based with your company's specifications and requirements.

      If you would like more information about MITL and our products and services, please contact us directly.


J. Eric DeSouza - President

32 Custom House St.
Suite 501
Providence, RI 02903

Tel (401) 831-3600
Fax (401) 831-4376

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